One Direction Preference #3 He Insults You, but He Wins You Back (Requested)

Harry: You and Harry were heading out for a day at the mall. You thought you’d go casual so you threw on a white crop top and some high waisted shorts. You put on your usual make up and headed downstairs. “Hey babe.” You greeted Harry, placing a kiss on his lips. “Uh, hey, (Y/N). You aren’t going out like that right?” He asked you, checking out your outfit. “Why? Is there something wrong with it?” You asked, looking down at your outfit. “Yeah, there is. You look like a slut!” He blurted out. He quickly covered his mouth with his hands. “Did you just call me a… Slut?!” You were angry. He’s never said anything like this before to you. “(Y/N)-” “I don’t want to hear it.” You said before storming out of the house. 
-Two days later-
You hadn’t spoken to Harry for two days. You knew it was killing him inside, but you didn’t care right now. He hurt you. You were sitting in your living room with you best friend. The two of you were watching TV when someone knocks on the door. You got up to answer it, but No one was there. You were about to slam the door when someone’s foot stops the door. “(Y/N)?” You heard Harry say from behind the door. You ignored him and walked away, but he gripped your wrist. “Please, (Y/N), I’m terribly sorry for calling you a slut. I didn’t mean it!” He looked at you with teary eyes. You let out a sigh. “I-” “WAIT. I have something for you.” He tugged on your arm as he raced you outside, where there was a picnic set up for the two of you. “Thank you Harry.” You whispered as he engulfed you in a hug. 

Liam: He wouldn’t do that….so you watch movies all night.

Sorry i ran out of ideas for Liam. (Kristina)

Zayn: You were sitting on the bed in the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend, Zayn. You stared out the window, watching as he inhaled and exhaled his cigarette. It was 11pm and he had come home from several interviews with the boys. When he got home, he was complaining of how long of a day it had been, so he went out for another smoke. You had been quite worried about how much he had been smoking lately, and when he finally came back inside, you decided to confront him about it.
"Babe…. don’t you think you’re getting kind of addicted to smoking? You can barely go an hour in the daytime without going outside for a smoke.." He frowned, "No, I think its normal. Why? Do you have a problem with it?" "Well, I’m just a bit worried about you, that’s all.." He snapped back at you, "Why can’t you fucking shut your mouth and not worry about me, god dammit!" He threw his cigarette pack at the wall out of anger and your eyes began to water with tears.
Without another word, you grabbed a pillow and walked out of the room, “I’m sleeping on the couch.” He realized his mistake and followed you out, “Baby, no.. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it.” You completely ignored him, laying down on the couch and pulling a blanket over your body, facing away from Zayn.
It had been two days since Zayn snapped at you and you were still giving him the silent treatment. You got home from work after a long day and yawned, unlocking the door and walking in. Standing in the front room was Zayn, with a trash can in his hand and a bag in the other. He looked up at you, and you rolled your eyes, starting to walk away to the other room.
"Wait, [Y/N]! Give me a chance!" You sighed and turned, staring at him and waiting for him to explain whatever it was. He gestured to the bag, "This is every pack of cigarettes I own." He then put the bag into the trashcan and handed it to you, "I want you to get rid of them. All of them. I am truly so sorry for what happened the other day, and you’re right, I am getting addicted. So I want to quit, but I’m going to need your help with it. Please, [Y/N]? You know you mean the world to me.. I love you." You took the trash can from him and smiled, hugging him, whispering, "I love you too."

Louis: “Babe, that shirt’s kind of weird looking..” You look over at your boyfriend, Louis, and frowned, “But this is one of my favorite shirts.” He shrugged, “Its just not very flattering.”
You shot a glare at him, stating clearly, “Rude.” then grabbed your keys and walked out the door, slamming it on your way out. You heard him coming out after you, “Wait! That’s not what I meant!” You completely ignored him, getting into the car and driving away. You couldn’t believe Louis would say that! You loved this shirt, and it was definitely one of your favorites. When you got home that night, you completely gave Louis the silent treatment, even going to the effort of calling Liam, who was one of your close friends nowadays, and having a lovely conversation in front of him; the whole call taking place right in front of Louis.
By the next day, Louis was making frantic efforts to talk to you, but you continued to ignore every word and plead he said. But when you got home that night, Louis was determined to win your forgiveness. You walked inside and he was nowhere to be seen or heard, but when you walked into the living room, there was something on the TV that said “[Y/N]… Please press play.” You were curious and confused, so you picked up the remote and pressed the play button. Some audio started, and you realized it was One Direction’s X-Factor cover of  ”You Are So Beautiful”. A slideshow started, showing pictures of you with Louis, you with the boys, etc. and with every picture, there was a sentence. Throughout the slideshow, the captions explained how much you meant to Louis and all his reasons for loving you. It seemed so genuine and pure, it actually made your eyes water.
When the slideshow and song ended, Louis walked in from the hallway, holding a boquet of lillies, your favorite flower. He took your hand and pulled you up from the couch, “[Y/N]… I’m so sorry. I was being so rude and stupid. To be honest, you look beautiful no matter what, and I love you so much. You mean the world and more to me.”
He wiped away your tears and set down the boquet, wrapping his arms around you. You hugged him back, missing the feeling of his warmth, even though it had only been a day or so. “I love you, Louis.”
"I love you too, babe. Forever."

Niall: Why wasn’t Niall home yet? It was a typical Saturday night and once again, your boyfriend, Niall, still wasn’t home from work with the boys. You knew exactly what he was doing; he went out to a pub and you were sure he would come back drunk again. It was already midnight, and it just worried you sick for Niall to be out so late drinking.
Finally, a while later, as you continued to sit on the couch, staring at the door and constantly checking your phone, Niall walked in. You frowned sadly at him, “Niall, I’ve been worried sick. This really isn’t okay anymore..”
He stumbled over, obviously drunk, and tried to kiss you. You pushed him away, “No, we need to talk about this.” He scowled at you, “Sheesh, woman.” He was started to anger you and you stepped towards him, “Excuse me?!” He pushed you aside, “God, just shut up! I’m going to sleep.” Your entire face dropped, in fact you practically felt your heart drop too, and turned away, not replying. You silently walked to the bedroom you shared with Niall and laid on your side, facing towards the wall. Your eyes were watering, but you laid there silently until you finally fell asleep. The next day, when you woke up, Niall was already gone for a meeting at SYCO, thank god. You could have some time to yourself. You spent the day in your pajamas, just not in a good mood ever since the night before.
Hours later, you glanced at the time. 7 pm. You were sure Niall would go out drinking again, and just the thought caused you to roll your eyes. To your surprise, he came home only half an hour later, holding a large food container. He went into the kitchen without saying anything, but you didn’t care. You had decided you were better off not talking to him.
A little while later, you heard Niall’s voice, “[Y/N], come here for a second please!” You ignored it at first, but then he came out and gently grabbed your hand, pulling you into the dining room. Set out on the table were a little less than 10 chocolate cupcakes, and they spelt out “I’M SORY!” 
Niall was staring right at you, speaking genuinely, “[Y/N], I’m really sorry. I was so wrong to have treated you like that and you’re right, I need to get help about my drinking habits.” 
You glanced at him after staring at the cupcakes, raising an eyebrow, “Erm… you spelt sorry wrong…”
He blushed embarrassedly, “Sorry, I got hungry and ate the other R…”
You giggled, pushing him playfully, “Idiot.”
He grinned, “So you forgive me?”
You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and pecking his lips, “Yes. I love you.”
He smiled again, “I love you too, babe.” then glanced at the cupcakes and bit his lip, “So… uh… can we eat those now?” 


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